making a move;; megan and tommy


Tommy just nodded at her and followed Megan to her motorcycle, sliding the helmet over his head he adjusted it until it was securely wrapped around his head. As much as this whole scene seemed like a repetition of old times, it wasn’t all like that. He had other things to worry about now. He had people he cared about and he wanted to protect them, and he knew he had to be as safe as possible if he wanted to be there for all of them. Valerie, Ellie. Valerie, Ellie. Valerie, Ellie.

And then Megan started the vehicle and they were speeding across the streets once again, and the rush of the motorbike and the adrenaline for what was about to come clogged up his mind, taking the thoughts away for the second time in that night. It wasn’t that he had forgotten about Valerie and Ellie or how his actions could affect them if something went wrong. No, not at all. But he had always been like that. When he knew he had to do something, he did it, and he blocked any emotion that could be inside his brain in that moment. And he knew this was the right thing, he had to do this. That in addition to the fact that he was, by extension, not only saving that little girl from the Black Fang, but also protecting everyone he loved, and the whole city itself.

Once they were off the bike and into that dark, shadowed alley, Tommy listened to Megan speaking, and he realized something he had never seen in the girl before. He had always thought of her like a little sister kind of best friend, but now, as he listened to her, he realized she could actually be a sort of partner in crime, after all, they weren’t all that different. He had never seen Megan talking like that, and little did he know about all the equipment she had on her. 

“Got it boss.” he whispered, a one-sided smile on his face as he started to follow her out of the alley and walking besides her down the street. 

And suddenly, he wasn’t Boy any more. He was Tommy VanWheele. It was kind of strange that night for him, how he was switching from his old self who didn’t give a shit about the world, and the new one, who had a sister, a girlfriend and friends to care for, and a whole cause to defend. And that was what was driving him. He was going to protect everything and everyone he had longed for his whole life, and now that he finally had it, he wasn’t going to let go of it without a fight. 

Three blocks after and they were both facing a tall but seemingly abandoned building. He had seen so many of those during his short life, that if he didn’t know what was happening inside, and if he hadn’t changed so much, he would even say that place felt sort of like home for him. But this building was different, because it wasn’t him and his friends inside. There were terrible things happening there, things him and Megan were about to stop. “Window open, just like you said. What’s the plan now?” he asked quietly, his voice serious and stern, just like the expression on his face.

With a soft nod, Megan started down the alley to head over to the building. Tommy was at her side, which helped her steel herself for what lied ahead of them. Honestly, Megan wasn’t sure what they would be getting themselves into and it scared her. She was downright terrified in all honesty, but she knew that she had to work past that. If they were going to save this girl, they had to do it carefully and they had to do it fearlessly. Fear would do nothing more than slow them down and hinder their progress and Megan had managed to push all of that to the side by the time they arrived in front of the building they were breaking into. 

Slipping into the side of the alley and crouching down next to the building across the way, Megan’s eyes flicked up towards the windows, a slight sigh of relief passing her lips when she saw the open one four stories up. Just like she had said. Finally, her months of spying and sneaking around in the middle of the evening were coming to be of use. She knew a lot about the Black Fang and their operations and it was going to be used for a good reason tonight. Megan had been unsure if it would ever happen for her, but now it was. She was really about to do something helpful and she was really going to help someone. Somehow, she was going to make a difference. 

Rifling through her bag, Megan picked up a small object, holding it up towards Tommy so he could look at it. “Smoke bomb. We throw it up into the window, if there’s any noise, we get out of here. Not sure if anyone is up there, so, just have to be safe,” she explained, taking out her lighter and flicking it a few times to get the fuse lit. With a well aimed arch, the smoke bomb rolled into the room, sending colorful smoke all through the room. Megan stayed in a crouch, hiding behind a pile of bricks as she waited for any sort of noise. When nothing happened and no one seemed to react to the initial movement into the room, Megan was satisfied that it would be safe to continue forward. 

Again, she went through her bag, pulling out a grappling hook attached to a long, bulky rope. Gathering it up, Megan held the hook in one hand, loosening the rope slightly to give her room to swing it around. Getting it into a smooth pace, Megan released when it was at the height of it’s spin, watching as it flew through the air, catching on the window. A skill she had practiced countless times, never knowing if it would come to be useful, but there she was using it in the middle of the night to rescue a tiny human. Wincing when she heard it clatter against the window, Megan feared that it wouldn’t catch. However, when she pulled it tightly, it snagged against the windowsill, lodging itself into a position where they could use it to scale the wall. 

"Okay, this is it, Tommy," Megan nodded, looking up at the wall with a nervous release of breath. Once they were in the building, that was it. There was no going back. They would have to find the child and get out without anything else serious happening to them. It would be hard, it would be scary, but it would be worth it. If Megan could help just one person avoid the hell that she had been put through, she would feel like she had made all the difference. Tugging on the rope again just to be sure it was safe, Megan started to use her arms to pull her up until she could get her feet situated on the building in front of her. It was uncomfortable and her arms were burning wildly by the time she was halfway up, but it was the only was she could think of to get up there. Minutes later, Megan had pulled herself through the window and rolled into the room her breaths short and rapid as she relaxed a bit from the effort. 

The room was empty, much to her relief, and she didn’t hear anything happening outside in the hallway. Popping her head back out the window, Megan motioned for Tommy to follow her up the rope so they could continue on to their next task, whatever that would be. Sitting on the floor next to the window, Megan started to go through her bag again, looking to see what she might need the rest of the way through the building. She wasn’t sure what would come in the next few rooms, but she did know that they would need something to keep them safe and keep them from being hurt. These people weren’t messing around and neither could they.

making a move;; megan and tommy


Tommy breathed in. Sat in the border of his bed he looked at his own reflection in the mirror and for the first time in a while he saw… Thomas VanWheele. It had been a while since he had last seen himself like this, and though it saved him a lot of trouble, it was starting to feel like he was inside a cage a lot of the time. So he looked at himself, like a ghost of the past. But he knew that really was him, no one else, just him and those thoughts.

He knew what he was risking with this. He knew this was no children game, this wasn’t a prank, this wasn’t an act he was pulling to rebel against his parents. This was serious shit, and that’s exactly what he liked about it. He was finally coming to terms with the idea that he was finally doing something for himself. Those were his ideals, the things he believed in, the people he cared about, and he was going to fight for it until the end.

He knew Valerie would flip if she knew. Hell, she freaked out all the time, Tommy was conscious of that, but doing something like this… it would drive her insane and he could almost see her standing in front of him, cheeks reddened with anger and eyes like daggers burning into his own. He could see it all standing before him, even if a part of him knew it was just his imagination. He could see the disappointment in her eyes as he pictured the whole scene. 

He also knew Ellie wasn’t okay with this. Even if she didn’t know exactly what he was going to do, she knew it was dangerous. She knew he meant it when he said he needed to do this. Because Tommy was sure that nobody knew him as much as that girl did. And she knew it all, the good parts and the bad parts of him, and yet she loved him, she loved him and what he was, no matter what. And for that he loved her with his whole world, and a part of him knew just how reckless he was being, because if something happened to him tonight, Ellie would be crushed too.

However, as he sat up straight, he sighed deeply to try and clear his mind from any sort of doubt, and he got up from the bed, quickly starting to walk out and grabbing his coat and keys on the way. Valerie was still on campus, probably grading papers or something of the sort so it was the perfect time to go out. He thought about his sister and the same look of disappointment he’d seen so many times on his parent’s faces played out inside his mind with the shape of Valerie’s features all the way from the apartment to the parking lot.

Once inside the car he shook his head, breathing in once again. He needed to be calm. He was Tommy VanWheele. He knew how to do this shit. As he turned on the engine and started to drive around the streets of Los Angeles, it was Ellie’s face the one that was stuck on his mind this time, torturing him even more.

But when he finally arrived at his destination and got out of the car as soon as he could, everything stopped. The thoughts, the heavy breathing, the doubts, everything. And he was in control again. In control of every step he took towards Megan’s place, in control of every knock on her door, and in control of everything else once she opened it and he was faced with his best friend. “I was born ready.” 

And somehow that was true. He couldn’t help who he was. Everyone had a dark side. And that was his.

As soon as Tommy was there and ready to go, Megan knew it was time to put to test all of the things she had been working towards in the months since her kidnapping. She’d talked a lot about how she was going to make a difference and had but a lot of hours into training and getting ready for a moment like this…and now it was here. This was it. Her and Tommy were going to rescue the kid in question or end their mission in an epic failure. Megan knew she wouldn’t accept failure. Honestly, she’d leave with the kid or she wouldn’t leave at all and she had long since accepted that she was willing to give herself up to this cause. She was dying already, so if she had to go out in a grand way like this, well, she supposed she couldn’t complain too much about that. 

A small smile tugged at her face, thin and nervous, but she was glad Tommy was there. Together, they would be a lot more effective, a lot more dangerous, and a lot more formidable. Somehow, between the two of them, they would make this work and they would save that girl from a fate Megan didn’t even dare to imagine. “Okay, let’s go, then,” Megan nodded, jingling her keys slightly. Heading down the stairs to her motorcycle, Megan tugged a helmet down onto her head, tossing the spare to Tommy before twisting the key in the ignition. This was it. Waiting for Tommy to get on behind her, Megan let out a deep breath before kicking the bike into gear and zooming away from her apartment. There were a few places Megan could think of that they might be holding the girl, but one in particular stood out. She had seen the place being used a few times to hold people and it was quite out of the way, making it an ideal location to hold a captive for a short time. Knowing the Black Fang, they wouldn’t keep the girl long before she was lost to them for good.

Pulling into the parking lot a few blocks away from their intended location, Megan hid the bike in a shadowy alleyway before taking her helmet off and hopping down to the ground. “The big building three blocks down is probably where she’s at. They usually keep the window on the fourth floor open, so we should be able to get in thrugh there. I have equipment in my bad to get us up the wall, but we’ll have to work quickly because they have shipments in every hour on the hour,” Megan explained, shaking her hair out before she twisted it up into a ponytail. Walking quickly forward, Megan was already on guard, her attention flitting back and forth to catch anyone that might be spying on them. “Are you sure you want to do this Tommy?” Megan knew this was dangerous, she knew it was probably stupid, but she knew she had no choice. She had to do this, but Tommy didn’t. He didn’t have to risk himself and Megan needed to know he was all in.

making a move;; megan and tommy

With the news of another kidnapping, Megan was more than ready to go do something about it. She needed to save this kid, just like she had managed to save herself. Knowing how it felt to be chained up and tortured for days on end, Megan wasn’t about to let it happen to anyone else, especially not a child. Immediately after the news broke, Megan started gathering the various supplies she had been buying over the last few months just for a mission like this. If the police weren’t going to fix it, Megan would. Bringing Tommy along hadn’t exactly been factored into her plans, but she didn’t see any reason why she shouldn’t have some sort of backup. He was just as determined as she was to set things right and if there was anyone that she trusted to do this with, Tommy would be the guy.

Sliding her backpack of things up onto her shoulder, Megan headed into Po’s room to put the panda to bed. She was just about finished with setting him up when there was a knock at her door. Knowing it was likely Tommy, Megan shut the lights to her apartment off and grabbed her keys, ready to leave. Opening the door up to find the boy, Megan gave him a quick nod. “You ready to do this?” she asked, looking at Tommy with a steely gaze. She wasn’t sure how successful they would be, but they at least had to try this. That kid didn’t have long and Megan damn well intended to make sure she didn’t get hurt in the least.

your songs remind me;; megan and bria


“And I’m sure it’ll only get better and better.” she said still smiling. Honestly, Bria trusted that someone with Megan’s talent deserved to have a big career, and just because she was Megan she automatically deserved all the best she could get, in Bria’s eyes. As soon as they were standing in front of the bar, Bria mentally debated on what she should drink and quickly decided. “Just a Sprite.” she said with a shrug and a smile. “I’ve been good.” Bria said in response to Megan’s question. “Just the usual, trying to find a job, putting up with my mother’s good mood.” she shrugged again before she continued. “But good news is tomorrow I have a job interview! I’m really happy about that.”


Though Megan would like to think that her career would someday get bigger and better, she was aware that it would be unlikely. She was talented, but she wasn’t sure that it would ever happen for her and it was something that killed her. She wanted to be out there living her dreams to the fullest, but she doubted it could ever happen for her. Spinning around in the bar, Megan picked up a can of sprite, along with a can of mountain dew for herself, handing the can over to Bria with a grin as she leaned across the bar. “Oh, yeah? That sounds fun. What’s the interview for?” Megan asked, tilting her head to the side. It was good to hear that Bria had a chance for a job, since she absolutely deserved it.


your songs remind me;; megan and bria


Bria hugged Megan back immediately, smiling widely when they pulled away and looking into the other girl’s eyes. “Hey, Megs. So, are you excited about tonight? Pretty sure you’re used to it by now but it sounds like it would be exciting anyway!” she asked cheerfully. She didn’t know why exactly, but being with Megan always made her feel better, almost normal, like she didn’t have other things to worry about and she could just relax and have fun like anybody else could, and she liked that feeling a whole lot.


"Always excited!" Megan chirruped, nodding her head eagerly at the thought. There was never a time Megan wasn’t excited about just about anything she did, since that was just the type of person that she was. "I mean, I’m pretty much living my dream. It’s not the big stage all around the world, but it’s still pretty cool." Megan’s smile faltered for just a moment, thinking on the dreams that she had always had, but it quickly bounced back into place when she saw the smile on Bria’s face. It was hard to be in a down mood when Bria was there, which was something Megan didn’t mind getting used to at all. "You want to head in and get a soda or something?"


your songs remind me;; megan and bria


Every day was a new battle for Bria. She felt like she was going to explode any time if she didn’t at least try to help her mother -who by the way didn’t want any sort of help- out of that gang she was a part of. But at the same time, and no matter how scared she was every single day, she didn’t know what exactly she could do about it. And she was growing each and each day more terrified as she saw her mother getting ridiculous amounts of money at her «job». Bria had opted to refuse to receive any money from her mother, it made her sick just to think about the stuff she had to do to get it. She loved her mother, immensely, but what she was doing was bad and had no other way around it. Bria jumped at the opportunity of seeing Megan again, the other girl being pretty much her only source of happiness lately. And she was very much okay with that. She smiled as she parked her car in front of the club where Megan worked and her smile grew bigger as she got out of the car and saw the other brunette standing outside waiting for her.


Bobbing her head back and forth a bit as she waited, the ever impatient Megan was already ready to start wandering around the front of the club while she awaited Bria’s arrival. She wasn’t there for more than a few minutes, but that was just how Megan was. She was jumpy, she was energetic, and she absolutely loathed staying in one place for too long. Fortunately, Bria was there quite soon enough and Megan didn’t have to worry too much about growing overly bored sitting around out there. Seeing Bria heading towards the entrance of the club, Megan jolted up from her spot, running over towards her with a bright grin at her lips. It was rare to see Megan without some form of smile, especially when she was around Bria. There was just something about the girl that seemed to cheer her up significantly. “Hey, hey, Bria, hey!” Megan said, skidding to a stop in front of the girl as she tackled her into a hug of greeting.


your songs remind me;; megan and bria

The worst part about her job was waiting around before she went on stage for things to get started. It should have been a fun time, hanging out around the club and just having a good time, but Megan grew terribly bored of it quite quickly. She liked to be out doing things and having fun goofing around, but that was not possible when she was on the job. However, knowing that Bria would be coming by soon helped matters quite a bit, which Megan was pleased with. Sitting outside the club, Megan was eagerly awaiting the arrival of her friend, bouncing around from foot to foot. Even if waiting was boring, she doubted it could be all that bad with Bria around.


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The Minor Fall, The Major Lift | Megs and Bria


It was yet another night in which Bria could hardly stay calm. She had tried everything; 2 showers, watching TV, being online, cooking, even playing videogames with herself, and nothing had worked. She was still stuck in the thought of her mother leaving yet one more time to God-knows-where to do God-knows-what with that stupid gang of sorts she was a part of. The girl would be lying if she said she hadn’t thought about confronting her mother, in fact she had mentally gone over all the possibilities, and still she couldn’t find it in her to actually do it. Was she a coward? Maybe. But her mother was all she had, and she couldn’t risk that relationship. Maybe there was still hope, maybe her mother would someday regret her wrongdoings and start out fresh. Or at least that’s what she tried to make herself believe.

Anyway, she didn’t know why or how, but Megan Thomas had been roaming around her mind for quite some time now. And it was something unusual, because she wasn’t one to get those really big crushes on people, and it’s not like someone had ever given her the time of the day anyway, so it was strange to find herself thinking about the petite brunette at least once everyday. That without mentioning all the smiling every time they talked and how beautiful Bria found her to be. 

The thing is that, she jumped at the opportunity of hanging out Megan, knowing that for good or for bad, she was able to distract her and make her laugh, and that was exactly what she needed. She started the engine of her car and drove all the way to where Megan lived. 

After spending most of her week holed up in the hospital once again, Megan was more than glad to be out of there. She hated having to go in as often as she did and she hated dealing with the worsening conditions, but she didn’t have a choice. This was how things would be for her, whether she liked it or not. Fortunately, Megan was keeping herself busy, staying distracted. The less she thought about the possibility of dying, the better she felt, and talking to Bria always did that for her. For some reason, the girl made all of the dark thoughts that muddled her brain disappear, even if it was just for a short time. Grinning widely when Bria told her she’d be there to pick her up soon, Megan darted around her apartment to get ready. She found clothes, got herself dolled up, and attended to her pets while awaiting the arrival of her new friend.

Megan wasn’t sure where she stood with Bria, exactly, but she at least was pretty certain they were friends. There were times where it felt like perhaps the other girl was flirting with her, but Megan couldn’t be certain. Not really, at least. It was entirely possible that she was just reading too much into things and that she was doing the whole wishful thinking thing. However, Megan wasn’t going to dwell too much on that. It was much easier to just let things go however they did and have fun in whatever way she could. Considering how uncertain her future was, Megan wasn’t going to take any moment for granted. With Po in his bed and settled in to sleep, Megan shut the door to his room before looking around to find her purse, just to be sure that she was entirely ready to go. 

Peeking out the window towards the parking lot to see if Bria was there yet, Megan’s lips curled up into a smile when she saw the other girl’s car pulling in. Shouting a quick goodbye to Po and Reptar, Megan left from her apartment, locking the door behind her as she skipped down the stairs to the bottom of her building. Waiting at the front of the parking lot for Bria to get there, Megan bounced around from foot to foot, an eager spring to her step. She was clearly excited to be going out and most definitely looking forward to spending time with Bria.

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like a bullet from a gun;; event para

Minutes, hours, days, weeks, Megan wasn’t sure how long she had been stuck in the tiny room she was being held captive in. The room was small, no more than a few feet around, and she had little room to move about. Not that she even could, if she wanted to. Both of her feet were shackled together, bound by chains at her ankles to keep her from running anywhere. One arm was handcuffed to the bedpost behind her, leaving her one hand free. Not that there was anything she could really do with her free hand.

The room around her was startlingly empty. Aside from the small bed she was chained to, there was nothing more than a tiny wooden table which they served her meals on. There were no lights, no adornment, the room was simply bare. The walls were a deep, darkened grey, wet and clearly starting to grow mold on them. To Megan, that meant nothing. She had no idea where she was, just that it was an unpleasant place to be. The smell in itself was enough to unsettle her, but it was the ghostly silence that disturbed Megan the most.

Usually, no matter where she was, there was at least some noises, but this place had nothing. The distant sounds of passing cars weren’t there, there were no footsteps, not even the sounds of insects chirping in the night. All that Megan could hear was silence and that, more than anything, was what terrified her. She could deal with the utter lack of lighting and the horrid, damp air that constricted her lungs, but not the silence. The silence of it all was the thing that was slowly starting to break her.

Despite her naive and careless personality, Megan was a strong person. To most, she probably didn’t seem it, but she dealt with a lot and took it all in good stride. This, however, was more than she had ever been asked to deal with. At first, it had been just a little frightening. She’d trusted Francisco, she didn’t think he was going to do anything to really harm her, but then things had started to worsen.

The friendly smiles had turned into menacing glares, the once jovial laughs into sharp words. Everything had changed with him and Megan was scared. This wasn’t the man she’d once assumed was her friend, this was someone entirely different. This was a monster. And he wanted to hurt her, to hurt the people that she loved.

Shifting in the bed, Megan struggled against the handcuff holding her to the bed, wincing as the metal tore into her already sore and chafing arm. No matter how hard she yanked at the chains, they wouldn’t break. Her wrist was bleeding from her efforts, the skin completely torn up from all the strain she was putting on it. But, Megan didn’t care. She needed to get out of there, she needed to get away. Before they came back, Megan needed to find a way to get out.

Closing her eyes for a moment, Megan breathed out deeply, trying to focus her mind on figuring a way out. Then the footsteps started. They only came every so often, but Megan had quickly learned to dread them. Sometimes, they came bearing food, but they always came with further terror, further fear. More news that no one was coming for her, that no one had rescued her.

Scrambling up onto the bed again, Megan drew herself back into the corner, huddling there in an anxious pile as she heard the click of the door. He was back. Megan could feel her chest pounding as her heart started to thud. Oddly, Megan found herself focusing in on it. The beating of her heart was out of rhythm, she could tell that easily by that point. It was a dangerous thing, but in that moment, it was okay. It made everything else seem a lot less scary. For a moment, at least.

Striding into the room, Francisco had his trademark sneer at his face. It was a look Megan had come to know well and one that she had even come to fear. It meant that he was here to question her again, to torment her, to hurt her. He didn’t have food, which immediately caused a sinking feeling in her stomach. She was hungry, the pangs in her stomach causing more pain as the lack of food was brought to her attention. It was little things like that that Megan had started to notice more often. The more she focused on little pains like that, the less attention she had to spend on the big picture.

"So, are you ready to tell me where I can find her?" Francisco asked, seating himself on the edge of the bed, just close enough so that Megan was in reach. His voice was stern, not even slightly forgiving at this point. He was through playing around and Megan knew that. She knew that and she didn’t know how to deal with it.

Shaking her head slowly, Megan kept her mouth shut. He could ask her a million times and her answer would remain the same. She wasn’t going to tell him what he wanted and that was that. He could do whatever he wanted to her, but that wasn’t going to change any time soon.

Pursing his lips and letting out a frustrated sigh, Francisco was clearly not happy with Megan’s decision to continue defying him. “Megan, I don’t want to have to hurt you, but until you tell me what I need to know, that’s what I’m going to be forced to do,” he said simply, twisting his words around to make it seem as if it were entirely Megan’s fault that this were happening. Megan, however, didn’t care. In a choice between herself and her friends, she’d give herself up every time.

"Fine," Megan said with a defiant shrug. It was probably a terrible idea for her to be snippy with him, as it would just make things worse, but Megan couldn’t help it. When under pressure like this, she was simply unable to keep her mouth shut and just get through it easily.

With another scowl rising on his face, Francisco reached over, grabbing Megan’s arm to drag her out from her corner, jerking her roughly. Megan’s wrist snagged on the handcuffs, making her wince with the pain as it rubbed at her skin again, cutting into it even further. “I’m going to give you one more chance, Megan. Where is she?” he snarled, holding her up towards him by the collar of her shirt, her body slightly lifted off the bed.

Gritting her teeth against the pain, Megan shook her head again. She wasn’t going to say anything and Francisco could get over it. Unfortunately for Megan, he wasn’t about to. Letting her go with a rough shove, Francisco back up from where he was, looking her over for a few moments with a serious expression. “If that’s how you want this to be, fine.” Turning from where he was standing, Francisco walked out of the room, causing Megan to frown. She wasn’t at all sure where this was going, but she had a feeling she wasn’t going to like it.

Everything went silent for a few minutes, leaving Megan stuck in the room with just her thoughts. Megan didn’t know what Francisco had left to do or get, but she knew it wasn’t going to be good. He was starting to get a lot more violent, a lot more angry, and Megan was scared of what he might do. Scooting back a bit, Megan looked down at her bloodied wrist. It was getting worse and she needed to find a way out of it soon. Tugging at it, Megan frowned when she realized there was definitely no way to get out of it. She was stuck and that was that.

When the footsteps started to come back towards her room, Megan could tell they were heavier, more halting. Something different was happening and she didn’t like it at all. She could deal with what had been happening insofar, but anything that made it worse, well, she wasn’t sure how much more of it all she could honestly take.

Clutching at the edge of the bed, Megan felt her grip tighten the closer the footsteps became. As the door started to open, Megan’s entire body tensed up, anticipating the worst. Unfortunately for Megan, what she got quite possibly was the worst thing that could have happened.

Francisco walked into the room, dragging Mackenzie with him. The girl’s eyes were full of terror, but she was gagged, unable to make any noise. The man sat Mackenzie down onto the table in the room, keeping her in place with one arm as he pulled his gun from his pocket with the other. Holding the gun up towards Mackenzie’s head, Francisco turned towards Megan with an evil gleam to his eyes. “Now, I think it’s best that you tell me what I want to know,” he growled, pulling Mackenzie forward violently as they got closer to Megan.

Staring silently at the scene in front of her, Megan could feel her entire insides dropping, weighted down by the seriousness of the situation. She couldn’t let him hurt Mackenzie, but she couldn’t let him hurt anyone else either. “I-…” Megan started to say, though she quickly shut her mouth, frowning as she looked back up towards Francisco.

"You’ve got ten seconds, Megan," he threatened, clicking the safety on the gun before he started to count down. Megan had always heard about moments like that. Moments where everything around you was blocked out and you felt a surge of just pure energy coursing through you. She’d never really believed that they happened, but in that precise moment, she could have sworn it felt exactly like the movies said.

Rushing up to her feet, Megan swiftly sent a kick at Francisco’s knee, causing it to buckle. The man fell to the ground, letting go of Mackenzie and dropping the gun in the process. “Mackenzie, go,” Megan shouted, as she took the gun from the floor, automatically getting back as far away from Francisco as she could before pointing the gun at him.

Mackenzie had run from the room, Megan could hear her out in the hallway, and Francisco had risen to his feet again, charging towards her. Megan didn’t want to hurt the man, not really. It wasn’t in her nature to want to hurt anyone, but at the same time she knew that she had to. She couldn’t fight him off without hurting him, she couldn’t save Mackenzie if she was subdued, so she pulled the trigger.

From the second she fired the gun towards Francisco, everything seemed to go in slow motion. She could distinctly see and feel every little thing that was happening around her, the situation taking over in her mind. She could feel the recoil of the gun sending her back into the bed. She could see the bullet slam into Francisco’s chest, knocking him backward as he fell to the ground, his white shirt staining red as the blood from his wound seeped into the fabric. But, most of all, she could feel the sinking realization that she had just killed a man.

As much as she wanted to sink to the floor and just let her emotions take over, Megan knew that she couldn’t. Not yet. She didn’t have time to cry. Francisco might be dead, but there were others, they were still in danger. Turning towards the bed, Megan fumbled with the gun again, holding it next to the handcuffs before firing off a shot. The chain on the handcuffs broke, letting Megan free from her hold.

Keeping a tight grip on the gun, Megan left the room that had been her prison for the last, well, long time. Mackenzie immediately tackled her into a hug, which Megan returned tightly, holding the younger girl close to her for a moment before letting go. Words didn’t seem necessary or fitting at the time and Megan simply took Mackenzie’s hand before wordlessly leading them down the hallway. She needed to find a phone. That was her main priority.

With the gun still loaded and ready to be fired off, Megan pushed the door open to the first room. It was a kitchen, it seemed, and a cursory look through the place gave her nothing that she could use. However, she did find food for both her ad Mackenzie and they were able to take something with them as they continued their search.

The second room, as well, proved useless, with nothing of import inside for them to use. However, the third room was exactly what they needed. Opening the door, Megan could tell instantly that it was Francisco’s room. All of his things were there and right on his bedside table was a cell phone. That was all she needed right then.

Grabbing the phone, Megan immediately started punching numbers into it, before she held it up to her ear. “Ch-Charles? C-can you…can you come get us?”

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Having finished her classes for the day, Megan was thoroughly excited to spend the rest of her afternoon hanging out with her tiny new best friend, Mackenzie Tyler. Megan had always been good with kids, so when she started to hang around Aidan and the crew a bit more, she had built up a quick rapport with his little sister. As such, Megan had made a point of getting around and spending time with her every so often.

That afternoon, Megan was taking Mackenzie off Aidan’s hands for a few hours to give him a break and start teaching the younger girl something or other about music. Aidan had told her that the younger girl was interested in learning something, so Megan was more than willing to help out. Besides, it gave her a reason to spend time with the younger girl, which was always fun. Megan loved being around people, especially when she was playing music.

Walking over towards the music room, Megan held Mackenzie’s hand lightly, chattering about whatever nonsensical things came to mind as they turned towards a more deserted part of campus. It was the part of the day where most people were stuck in classes, so there weren’t too many people walking around by that point. However, Megan found it rather peaceful, despite the almost eerie feel to the corridor.

Paying little attention to the surrounding area, Megan didn’t sense anything strange going on until it was right up on her. Feeling a rough tug at her arm, Megan felt herself being pulled backwards and away from Mackenzie. Her eyes flashing behind her, Megan didn’t recognize the man at all. Dropping her weight, Megan yelled out for Mackenzie to run before twisting and pulling hard away from the man. With a yelp as his arm pulled in a painful direction, the man’s grip loosened slightly, giving Megan room to take off at a run.

However, he wasn’t the only one there. She could vaguely hear Mackenzie’s cries over the pounding of her own heart in her chest as she turned a corner, pelting straight into the chest of another man. Francisco. For a moment, a smile crossed Megan’s face. Francisco was her friend, he wasn’t going to hurt them, he’d be there to save them. And then he grabbed her arms, roughly pulling them behind her and yelling towards the other men with him to start taking them to the car.

Even Megan knew that this wasn’t just a friendly visit from an old friend and all she was concerned about was getting Mackenzie out of there and to safety, but she had no idea how. Hell, she didn’t even know where Mackenzie was at that point, only that she could hear the girl’s muffled cries from somewhere around the area.

"It’s good to see you again, Megan. We’re going to be taking a bit of a vacation now, alright? Let’s see you and your little friend behave or we’re going to have some problems," Francisco said, pulling a thick binding out of his pocket to muffle Megan’s yells, shoving it brusquely into her mouth.

This wasn’t the vacation Megan had been planning on and right then, she was terrified.